InstaZorb Meets or Exceeds All EPA Standards
and Liquid Release Tests

Independent tests prove InstaZorb to be safe to use
and passes all EPA requirements.

  •  Paint Filter Test EPA 9095 (Associated Labs 12/08/93 & Positive Lab Service 07/19/95)
    The code of Federal Regulations requires an absorbent that is to be placed in a hazardous waste site to pass the EPA 9095 Test – Paint Filter Test. InstaZorb is certified to be in compliance with EPA requirements.
  •  Liquid Release Test EPA 9096 (Ameri-Chem Labs 07/17/95)
    This test requires putting a compressive force of 50 lb. per square inch on our product proving that InstaZorb will not leach under pressure.
  • Electrostatic Decay and Electrical Resistivity Test/Static Electricity (CIEMS- California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science)
    InstaZorb has passed all tests imposed on it by the Department of Defense in order to receive National Stock Numbers for all branches of the military. When an aircraft experiences a J4 jet fuel spill it is imperative that the absorbent used does not create any static electricity. InstaZorb has surpassed the requirements of Military Spec MILB- 81705C, which is important when absorbing any volatile fluid spills.
  • Crystalline Silica Test Niosh Method 7500 (EMS Laboratories 08/01/95)
    Our product has been tested by X-ray diffraction and a microscopic analysis and has no detectable Crystalline Silica.
  • Absorption Efficiency Test (EMS Laboratories 08/25/95)
    In a laboratory setting the absorption efficiency test proved that our product will absorb 300%- 800% depending on the density of the material.